More babies born at CCF!

We have lots and lots of babies here at CCF!  Two Guarding Dog moms gave birth to a combined 15 puppies!  We also have a breeding dog placed with a friend of CCF who gave birth to 10 puppies who is donating 9 of them once they are weaned from their mom.  Very shortly we will have 24 puppies in our Kraal, just imagine the chaos!  All of these puppies will bring an excited energy to CCF as well as bring a lot of farmers their guarding dog puppies faster as well as help to save the cheetah.

We also have lots of baby goats newly born in the Kraal.  The goat mommies are doing a great job and being very attentive.  We have 3 baby goats that staff is bottle-feeding at the moment.  Two are dairy goat kids that always need to be pulled from their mom within a few days to keep the mother dairy goats lactating for our goat milk production.  The other baby goat is a boer (meat) goat whose first few days were very rough.  Just a few minutes after birth this baby goat, Jaxxs was having seizures.  He was very worn out from the on-going seizures and was not suckling as he should.  Luckily our vet team did not give up on him and tube fed him for 2 days as well as gave him anti-inflammatory and antibiotic medications.  Once on medication the little guy made a drastic recovery and now there are no sign that he had such as bumpy start to life.  Little Jaxxs is stubborn and full of life as all baby goats should be!