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Programs for Upper Pre-K - 1st grade

Description: These programs use children’s literature to explore local wildlife and environmental topics.  Each program includes reading a book, discussion, examination of photos, bio-facts, puppets and a hands-on activity with a local environmental theme. 

Age Range: Upper Pre-K (4 & 5 year olds) through 1st grade students

Time: All programs for this age group are 45 minutes long

Cost: $0-$115

Where: At your school, community center, or library in Transylvania, Henderson, and Buncombe counties of Western North Carolina

NC Correlations: Yes, see specific program listings

Materials: We bring photos, posters, and bio-facts (skulls, tracks and scat replicas, fur samples, etc.) to each program for students to touch and manipulate. Also, each program involves reading a story and a hands-on activity to get students up and moving. We provide teachers with fact sheets about the animals discussed in the program along with ideas for follow-up lessons intended for deeper learning and understanding of the content.

Bear Necessities

Students will enjoy a bear themed story, learning about black bear’s basic needs, growth, changes, and movement.  Students will forage like a black bear while learning about what bears like to eat.  Students will also learn how to be bear aware and play a bear safety game.

North Carolina Science Essential Standards:

§  K.P.1.2, K.L.1.2

§  1.L.1.1, 1.l.1.2, 1.L.2.2

What is Wild?

Students will compare the daily life of a domestic dog and an endangered wild red wolf.  Students will learn what basic needs all living things need to survive and what the differences are between domestic and wild animals.

North Carolina Science Essential Standards:

§  K.L.1.1, K.L.1.2

§  1.L.1.1, 1. L.1.2, 1.L.2.2

Nature Detectives

Students will enjoy a story about a little girl who finds evidence of local wildlife in her backyard throughout the four seasons.  Students will explore the wildlife featured in the book and learn more about their basic needs, growth, changes, habitat, and adaptations.  The program will include an animal tracks scavenger hunt and children will take home their own hand-made wildlife field guide.

North Carolina Science Essential Standards:

§  K.P.1.2, K.L.1.2, K.E.1.3

§  1.L.1.1, 1.L.1.2, 1.L.2.2

Wildlife and the Water Cycle

Students will enjoy a story about two raindrops named Pitter and Patter; following them through the water cycle while meeting plenty of wildlife along the way.  The program will explore wildlife featured in the story and detail some of the aquatic animal’s life cycle, basic needs, structure, and how they are adapted to live in or near the water.  Students will also participate in a hands-on activity where they will follow the water cycle through all the aquatic habits featured in the story.

North Carolina Science Essential Standards:

§  K.P.1.2, K.L.1.2

§  1.L.1.1, 1.L.1.2, 1.L.2.2