Outreach Programs

We provide quality, creative, and hands-on learning experiences for Pre-K through high school students. Outreach programs are 45-60 minutes long and come to you, at your school or community center in WNC.


Upper Pre-K - 1st Grade

Bear Necessities:

An Introduction to NC Black Bears

What is Wild?:

Exploring the Differences between wild and domestic animals

Nature Detectives:

A Study of the clues wildlife leave behind

Wildlife and the Water Cycle:

An introduction to aquatic wildlife and habitats

2nd - 5th Grade

Grown Up Black Bear:

An introduction to NC black bears

Growing up red wolf:

An introduction to NC red wolves

Forest Food Web:

Understanding habitats and food webs

6th - 12th Grade

Predator Perspectives:

An introduction to predators

Skulls, Scat, and Tracks:

A study of local wildlife adaptations

Growing up Black Bear:

An introduction to NC black bears

How to Save a Species:

Understanding predator conservation methods and strategies