Super Moon on 2 Hemispheres

We spent a couple of months apart while Bobby was in New York City for work and during that time we both got to experience the brightest super moon of the year from two very different vantage points.  Not only did we get to view it from two different countries, but two different continents and even hemispheres!

From Bobby:

In New York City I got to watch the super moon rise over Central Park during an amazingly clear evening in New York.  The weather later in summer was almost fall-like with mild days and almost cool nights which made the air nice and clear (or at least as clear as it could be for NYC).

Super Moon over New York City

From Stephanie:

Here at CCF I went out to the big field with most of the CCF crew to watch the Super Moon rise over the Waterberg Plateau in the Southern hemisphere.  The moon was a little hazy at first because it has been a very windy August here in Namibia.  We have had very large dust devils at the center and it has left a haze that permanently hangs in the air.  Fortunately once the moon rose higher in the sky it cleared up enough for my camera to get some semi-decent photos.  Also here are some pictures of us girls goofing around while waiting for the moon to rise.

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