Teacher's Resource Guide Launched!

Stephanie presenting on new Resource Guide at EEASA Conference - Johannesburg, South Africa

With much work and determination, I am happy to announce that I have finished the CCF teacher’s resource guide; ‘A predator’s role in the ecosystem’.  I undertook this project with Donna Rainboth from Eastern Oregon University this year.  While Donna was on sabbatical for five months at CCF we worked hard to update and restructure some of the old guide’s content and added a lot of our own content to the new guide.  The revised guide is now much more hands-on, inquiry-based and student-centered.  We added lessons that cover real science and research happening at the Cheetah Conservation Fund such as: tracking, hair burning and reading, kill id, human wildlife conflict and farmland management.

At this year’s Environmental Educators Association of Southern Africa (EEASA) conference in Johannesburg, South Africa, I presented a paper about updating the CCF teacher’s resource guide and how it is correlated to Namibia’s national syllabi.  As part of my presentation I also workshopped three lessons from the guide with educators and gave out copies of the guide to anyone who participated in the training.  I am happy that nine different southern African countries were represented in my training and the guide will be used to help educate children across southern Africa about living with predator as well as their biology, ecology and conservation.

My presentation went great and people loved the resource guide.  Educators from Uganda, Madagascar, Namibia, Botswana, Nigeria, and Cameroon to name a few countries, were all excited to use our guide and collaborate.  Educators were hungry for this new material and the presentation motivated them to engage learners in hand-on science and inquiry-based teaching methodologies!  Many said my presentation was the highlight of the conference for them!

A PDF version of the guide is now available for download for free on CCF’s website cheetah.org/download-teachers-resource-guide/

Teachers enjoying a workshop of a lesson from the Guide