Celebrating Namibia Heritage Week

Here in Namibia we celebrated National Heritage Week on the 21 – 26 September in Otjiwarongo.  National Heritage Week is a national event that is celebrated all over Namibia by museums, cultural centers and entities that advocate for the importance of our cultural heritage as Namibians.

As part of the festivities we invited 4 local primary school’s cultural groups to partake in the upcoming Heritage Week.  Each school group was asked to come up with an educational presentation that celebrates their cultural diversities as Namibians and to share that with their school and community.  The groups were also asked to integrate a very strong link between Culture and Natural Heritage (e.g. how our Wildlife, Flora and Fauna are interlinked in the importance of our cultural heritage and how they are inseparable).

Through a grant from the Museums Association of Namibia CCF sponsored each school with a small grant for their respective activities at the school from the 21 to the 25 of September where the cultural group was be responsible for exhibiting or presenting to their school their chosen cultural theme through poster presentations, song, dance, poetry, drama or culturally oriented cuisines.  We visited all of the schools during heritage week to witness each school’s cultural heritage presentation to fellow learners and all the preparations culminated into a morning of festivities on Saturday, 26 September at the farmers market in the middle of Otjiwarongo.

The schools presented their presentations on the lawns in the middle of town and drew a pretty large local crowd as well as tourists passing through town.  Of the four presenting schools we saw presentations of Kavango, Herero, San and Himba cultures and boy could some of these kids dance!  Enjoy the photos!