More Outreach in Windhoek

We just returned from our 2nd trip to Windhoek to visit schools with education outreach visits.  On this round of school visits we managed to see 5 different schools and over 1500 students in 3 days.  By day 3 the schools were starting to really blend together although we had a great time and met some really great principals, teachers and students.  The kids were also very enthusiastic about learning about cheetahs.  At least hopefully we read their enthusiasm correctly and didn't confuse it for enthusiasm to get out of regular studies for an hour.

At one private school in particular we had a hilarious 5th grader who was eager to interject with questions and comments throughout the presentation.  He had clearly heard the presentation before at the center (or was just very clever) and and certain points commented on certain cheetah adaptations and ecological problems that Stephanie had to offer the floor to him so he could continue the presentation.  The teacher clearly knew this student had a knack to be a little know it all and was laughing along as he continuously interjected.  Maybe we should higher him on staff?

At the end of the outreach trip we ended up extending our stay in Windhoek by another day to attend a grant writing workshop.  Not exactly our idea of a day out on the town, but it ended up being very informative especially since we are both now helping out on 3 grants all due very soon.  While we were in Windhoek we also ran a couple errands picking up vet supplies and dropping off flyers for the upcoming gala.  Anytime someone goes to town there are so many errands to be run!