Little One's Club

We had our 1st Little Ones Club meeting last Saturday April 3rd.   We had about 25 little ones from the workers' home location of varying ages, 9 months to 18 years old :).  Children enjoyed some early childhood activities such as learning a fun turtle finger play poem, movement exercises, finger-painting and a story.  For now we are planning to do these 1-hour classes, twice a month geared towards children ages 2-6, though everyone is invited. 

These classes are a great opportunity for families that work for CCF that do not have assess to early childhood education.  Here in Namibia free public education does not begin until 1st grade when children are 6 to 7 years of age.  At CCF our staff is about 45 minutes away from town and most employees do not own their own cars and therefore do not have assess to early childhood education.  My goal is to eventually offer this type of programing on a weekly basis for our worker’s children to give them a head start in learning.