Night Drive Sightings

It's been a busy week and we can't believe that it's already Friday!  Despite having a full week of meetings, papers to write and curriculum to be written we were able to tag along with the ecology team on a night time game count on one of the farms.  

The Game counts occur regularly every month and the night drive circuit we went on this week departs at 8pm and is about 30km long.  Along the drive we count every animal we see along with take down the number of adults, juveniles and sex if we can tell in the dark.  The Safari vehicle is equipped with 2 large spot lights so it's a lot of work trying to scan in the dark looking for a sighting.

This particular drive we had a few really nice sightings.  We saw 2 African Wild Cats (pictured below), 2 Small Spotted Genets (Pictured Below), 2 African Porcupines, 1 Aardwulf along with loads of Oryx, Red Hartebeests, Jackal and even a few Eland.