Insect Sightings

One thing that is immediately clear walking around outside in Africa is the shear number and size of the insects.  We used to joke that everything is bigger in Texas...except now we joke that everything is bigger in Africa.  Seriously, the insect pictured below is an Armored Ground Cricket and they are about 2 inches tall so not exactly a small insect.  They also have long sticky legs and an armored plate with spikes around their body.  We had never seen a cricket like this is in the US.

We looked up info on these guys because they are everywhere right now and they seem to have a very unique personality.  When you walk past the cricket they kind of rear back on their back legs and face you as if they will defend themselves if you challenge.  It's really crazy to see them do this because they are no match against you, but they don't seem to care.  Also, another crazy fact is that when one cricket is weak and dying they send out a signal to the others nearby that they are near death and the others come by and feast on them like tiny terrifying cannibal crickets.  I know, weird, but you see it everyday so at least you know what is happening?  Anyway, that's Armored Ground Crickets for you.