Hit the ground running

Well, after barely 2 days on the ground in Namibia we set off on a 3 day trip visiting Namibian schools to follow an educator around who travels to various schools throughout Namibia to teach programs to students about what wildlife exist in Namibia and how kids can help to save the Cheetah.  On this particular trip we visited 7 schools in the towns of Otavi and Tsumeb which are about 150 - 200km away from the CCF center respectively.

The outreach program focuses on reaching out to students of all ages, but concentrates on students in 5th - 6th grade as there is only 30-40 minutes allowed for us to present at each school.  On this particular trip we visited all public schools but came away very impressed at the quality of the schools and the knowledge that the students had in general.  It appears that at least in the towns that we visited the government run schools are very well funded and operating very efficiently.  The teachers and principals at the schools we visited were on the whole very good with the students and helped engage in the conversation that we were trying to have about wildlife conservation.

Here's a few photos from the trip.  Enjoy!