Moving to Namibia

Hi All!  Welcome to the website.  This is our first post of hopefully many to come.  If you don't know anything about us we are Stephanie and Robert (Bobby) Bradley.  We recently packed up and moved to Namibia where Stephanie is working as an Educator at Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) and Bobby is volunteering however he can. 

We had volunteered at CCF in December 2013 as part of an Earthwatch Expedition and after only a few short months we have found ourselves back at CCF where Stephanie is working hard to continue and build upon CCF's amazing mission to save the cheetah.  

We only arrived at CCF on Sunday March 23rd and we're already heading out tonight to go with one of the outreach educator to visit 10 schools over the next 3 days.  Luckily for us we already knew that CCF operates at breakneck speed so we're just jumping in head first.

We'll leave you with a nice photo of Stephanie getting started working while babysitting one of the guarding dogs in the office at the same time.  Everyone pulls double and sometimes triple duty at CCF even if you're just doing office work.