Karabib's Puppies

Last Week our Guarding Dog Ambassador, Karabib, that we have been taking care of gave birth to 11 puppies!  We have 5 females and 6 males and they are all doing well with mom after only 6 days in the world.  Karabib is doing great as a mom too.  We knew her due date was approaching last week and just the morning before we were supposed to start doing overnight checks on her we delivered her breakfast only to find her with 11 newborn puppies!  All the puppies are gaining weight steadily and are still quite small as their eyes and ears haven't opened up yet.  

The coming weeks we will be monitoring their development and weighing the each morning to make sure they are gaining weight steadily.  In only about 7 more weeks these little pups will be ready to go out to a farmer somewhere in the country to live with small livestock such as sheep and goats and guard the heard from other predators.  Since the puppies were born in the kraal with their mom and have goats around them at all times it is basically they're natural instinct to guard the herd at all costs.  Needless to say, as cute as they are these are not pets and we do not treat them as so (although, when they are this cure it's so hard not to!).

Here's some pictures of the all the cute puppies!